About Pano and photography


Pano, the website, is mostly about the use of abandoned camera’s or places to give a new boost to analogue photography in the digital world.
Personally, I started using an analogue camera when I was 8 years old. The ‘Clack’ if I remember well. Later on I went to the Rietveld academy to become a photographer and designer.

So there I was, a professional photographer! I carried on using my camera’s until 2004 and then became a digital monster.
I sold my Hasselblad, Contax and other stuff. But then, in 2014, I changed my mind and bought old analogue camera’s again.

In 2015 I sold my professional digital camera’s to try to make a living in analogue photography again and bought new ones in 2016 because that did not werk very well.
It might be a mission impossible, but we only know after some time. So there we are, what is next? It will (hopefully) serve your (analogue) needs worldwide to promote the (analogue) photography in a professional way.

Shoots by analogue cameras, shots of abandoned places or items as long as they are abandoned in any way is fine, but the main goal is analogue black and white photography. You will find all galleries in the menu.

And (this is important) I use digital cameras too. The galleries are a mixture of analogue and digital pictures. The main reason is that I love digital photography as well.


Please contact me for questions or (wise) remarks.




Thank you.
Roelof van der Schaaf, media animal living in the jungle of arts & design, using analogue film for photography and digital SD cards to take pictures.

We are a coincidence in life

I am a designer and photographer working worldwide, but most of the time I am having my breakfast in Franeker, Netherlands. My free work is analogue photography using old cameras with old and new analogue technology. All negatives are scanned professionally to suit the digital world and to promote the beautiful quality of this photography.

I studied Photograpic Design at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and The University of Creative Arts (formally known as Medway College of Design) in Rochester (UK).

I am positive about negative(s) development(s) in analogue photography.

The video below is the Youtube version of my book ‘136 Pages’. As a small warning I have to inform you that this video contains music.